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Enjoy Contract-Free Termite Control

Worried about the possibility of termites in your home? Not sure how to best protect your house from these devastating pests? Call the exterminators at ProfExt Pest Control. You’ll be able to sleep well knowing your home is safe from termites. 


Termite Control in Connecticut


Termites are some of the most devastating pests to find inside your home. Termites eat wood and a large colony can eat through almost a pound of wood each day. If you notice termites, it's important to call the professionals as soon as possible. Calling early can prevent termites from doing more damage in your home. 

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termites often get nick-named silent invaders because they are hard to find until substantial damage has already been done. When dealing with termites time is very important. The longer termites spend in your home the more damage they do. Catching warning signs of a termite infestation early is the best way to stop them in their tracks. Here are four main signs to look out for:

  • Piles of wings. Termites are actually very tidy insects. They will clean out their colony’s burrows and form piles of discarded wings that will often be found in doorways or windows. 
  • Mud tubes. Not only do termites need wood in order to survive they also need lots of moisture. In order to not dry out, they make tunnels through the mud known as mud tubes to get inside your home. These mud tubes can be one of the first indicators that termites are living inside your home.
  • Peeling Paint. If you notice any peeling or blistering paint, that could indicate where termites are present.


Effective Termite Treatments in Connecticut

If you’re a homeowner, having protection against termites is a must. At ProfExt we specialize in soil treatments to prevent termites. Our treatments create a barrier around your house, so termites won’t come near it. Getting soil treatments is a great way to save money on termite control while also getting proven techniques that work at preventing them from coming back. We use Termidor SC, which is one of the most effective products for eliminating termites. Termidor works through the “transfer effect.” When termites come into contact with the solution, they will pass it on to the rest of the colony. We also offer treatments with termite baiting systems. This method works similarly to the soil treatment but instead can be set up within your home to quickly eliminate termites from the inside. 

When you call us for termite control we offer:

  • Family-friendly treatments. Our soil treatment is exterior, which means we aren’t bringing any harsh chemicals into your house. 
  • No contracts. We offer one-time treatments as well as year-long maintenance.
  • Highly trained termite exterminators. All of our exterminators are fully certified and licensed.
  • Services backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with a service you’ll get your money-back guarantee. 


Your Local Termite Exterminators

At ProfExt we’ve been perfecting our termite control methods since 1986. We strive to keep improving upon our knowledge to make sure you get the best service possible. Not only are all of our exterminators fully certified, but we also have them continue training to learn about new methods and products in termite control. As a locally owned and operated business we consider all of our clients to be our neighbors. We are all willing to go above and beyond to ensure that your service is a great one. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities at all times and we would never use any treatments on your home that we wouldn’t use in ours. 

We provide termite treatments to the following cities on the Connecticut Shoreline:

Give rid of termites fast.