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Don’t let mosquitoes and ticks make you their snack this summer. Fight back with ProfExt Pest Control. We’ll treat your yard so you can enjoy your summer mosquito and tick-free.


Mosquito and Tick Control in Connecticut

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Tired of hiding inside your house to avoid mosquitos and ticks during the summer? Mosquitos and ticks are not only annoying to us and our pets, but they can also be very dangerous. Ticks carry diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Bartonella, and Lyme disease, which affects both humans and pets. Mosquitoes can carry West Nile virus, Zika Virus, and Malaria. Tick bites and mosquito bites can also cause itchy, bumpy, welts on the skin. When you need relief from mosquitos and ticks, call your local exterminators at ProfExt Pest Control. We use products that work quickly to eliminate the population so you can get back to enjoying your summer outdoors. 

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With our mosquito and tick control programs we provide:

  • Family-friendly and pet-friendly methods for treating mosquitos and ticks. 
  • Highly trained exterminators that are always happy to help.
  • Services that are backed with our 90-day guarantee after completion. 
  • New and proven products that are effective in preventing mosquitos and ticks.


Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Grounds

A dime-sized puddle of standing water is all it takes to make your yard the perfect place for the local mosquito population. Gutters, birdbaths, buckets, flower pots, and sometimes even kids’ toys can all retain rainwater. If that water is not taken care of, mosquitos will take advantage of it. After mating, a female mosquito can lay eggs five times, each time laying up to 200 eggs. One of the best ways to prevent mosquitos is to eliminate any standing water around your property. Without anywhere to breed, mosquitos will be less likely to be present in your yard.

Get Rid of Ticks in Your Yard

Ticks prefer to live in grassy wooded areas close to living things they can feed on. Keeping your lawn short and getting rid of yard debris will keep ticks from finding cozy areas to live in. Creating woodchip and gravel barriers around parts of your yard can also reduce ticks as they won’t want to travel through those locations. They often find their way into our yards on animals such as deer, raccoons, mice, and other woodland creatures. Keeping lids on your trash bins and even putting up a fence can help keep unwanted animals out of your yard. If your looking for further defense against ticks call our exterminators today and ensure that ticks stay out of your yard for good.

Personalized Mosquito and Tick Control

With over 30 years of experience in pest control, we know each yard and home is different. At ProfExt we are dedicated to making sure you receive the best service possible. That’s why we offer customizable service plans. Our mosquito and tick control experts will work with you to determine the best solutions and treatment plans for your situation. We offer one-time, non contracted services as well as bundled service plans that continue to give you coverage all year long. At ProfExt we view each and every one of our clients as our most important. We also work to make our mosquito and tick control as affordable as possible. That way you spend less time worrying about the bugs and more time planning your next backyard BBQ.

We provide mosquito and tick control to the following areas on the Connecticut Shoreline:

Take back your yard this summer.