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Unwelcome wildlife intrusions are an unfortunately common occurrence here in Connecticut. Not only are they a nuisance, but when rodents and other animals infringe upon your home or business, they can also cause a slew of problems that result in costly damage. Luckily, ProfExt is here to help. As a full-service nuisance wildlife control company in CT, we specialize in removing a variety of animals from your property, including:


If you keep hearing strange scratching noises coming from your walls or attic, you may have a squirrel problem. Squirrels are some of the most common wildlife species, and they can chew holes through your drywall, wood support beams, and electrical wires. Therefore, it’s important to notify a squirrel pest control company immediately if you notice any signs of a squirrel infestation.


Skunks are another common wildlife intruder in Connecticut. They’re notorious for their unpleasant odor and can live stealthily under houses, sheds, patios, and other structures. Even worse? Once skunks take up residence, they can damage your plumbing and electrical wiring. That’s why it’s important to schedule effective skunk removal in CT as soon as you notice them on your property.


While raccoons may look cute, they cause significant problems when they use your building as a shelter. Specifically, raccoons can tear their way into your attic, ruin your insulation, and may cause urine stains to appear on your ceilings. If you notice any signs of a raccoon infestation, be sure to reach out to ProfExt for professional raccoon removal.

If you’ve noticed any signs of wildlife in or around your home or business property, contact ProfExt right away. Our team can provide effective and humane removal solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

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