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Getting Rid of Mice This Winter

Brown mouse sitting on a log outside.

Now that the weather is getting colder, those suspicious scurrying sounds might be getting louder. Whether it’s in the walls, the ceiling, even in your car – it’s officially mouse season. Most animals typically go into hibernation as the weather gets cooler, but the same can’t be said for mice. Unfortunately, mice stay active year-round. During the winter months, their food options (like grass and seeds) become scarce outside, and the temperature drops, consequently driving them into your home looking for sustenance and warmth.

What Problems Are Caused by a Mouse Infestation?

In addition to worrisome noises, there are also some other telltale signs to look for if you’re concerned that you may need mouse pest control services this winter.

  • Have you noticed that your clothing or containers have chew marks on them?
  • Are you discovering droppings that look like chocolate sprinkles?
  • Do you see rips in your rice or cereal boxes?

These are all signs indicative of a mouse infestation. Once you’ve discovered that you have a mouse problem, it’s important to find reliable mouse control services as soon as possible. Not only do mice reproduce rapidly (therefore the situation can escalate quickly), but mice are also destructive and can spread diseases through their parasites and feces. Even breathing in dust that has come in contact with mouse excrements has been linked to Hantavirus.

How Hiring a Mouse Exterminator in CT Can Help

Once a home infestation of mice is suspected or discovered, very few people want to handle the situation all by themselves. It can be stressful and challenging to handle mouse control on your own (plus rodenticides can be hazardous to people if not handled correctly). Instead, by hiring a professional mouse exterminator to thoroughly inspect your home, you can find out where the rodents’ entry points are and effectively prevent any future access. This is typically the best way to eliminate the problem.

If you need assistance detecting if you have a problem and need mouse control in CT this winter, ProfExt is here to help you! One of our trained technicians can inspect your home and provide you with the necessary information so you can get a better handle on mouse control. Mice have the remarkable ability to adapt to virtually any environment, but that sure doesn’t mean you want to welcome them with open arms into your home this winter. Contact us today – we will be happy to aid you in resolving your issues with our professional mouse exterminator services.

Eliminate Your Mouse Infestion

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