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Are Those Winged Insects Termites?

What to Look for & What to Do If You Find One

Termite colony crawling their way through a wooden structure.

Have you recently discovered small, winged insects around your home or building? Are you concerned they might be termites? If you do have termites in CT, it’s important to act quickly before these small yet powerful pests cause severe damage to your property’s structure. Therefore, it helps to know how to distinguish termites from other similar-looking insects and to recognize when it’s time to enlist professional pest control help.       

What Do Termites Look Like?

Winged ants and termites can look similar (especially at first glance), but there are some notable differences. Termite hindwings and forewings are the same sizes, and both are larger than their bodies. Winged ants, on the other hand, have hindwings that are smaller than their forewings. Additionally, termite antennas are straight, whereas winged ants are bent. Finally, winged ants look segmented because their waists are thin, while termites have broader midsections.     

The easiest way to distinguish between ants and termites is to look at their wings. Termites shed their wings, while ants’ wings will remain attached.

Damage Caused by Termites

If you don’t invest in termite control once you find an infestation, you are putting your home or building at risk. When termites eat through wood, they can cause substantial damage to your property’s support beams, doorframes, insulation, and more. Plus, they can ruin your flooring, walls, and furniture too. So, if you find termites in your home or building, you should enlist professional termite exterminating services as soon as possible to avoid significant damage.  

How ProfExt Can Help Eliminate Termites

It is hard to determine the extent of your termite issues on your own. An untrained eye may only see a few signs of infestation when a significant problem exists. Therefore, hiring qualified and skilled professionals to handle your termite control can help you remedy the situation and also prevent more damage from occurring. ProfExt has been offering quality pest control services for over 30 years. To find out how we can help you protect your home or building from termites, please contact us today. 

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