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The Norway rat is the largest of the commensal rodents and the most common in the temperate regions of the world.

Similar to mice, rats are a major nuisance due to their gnawing habits. Rats’ front teeth grow incredibly fast. They need to gnaw on things to wear their teeth down and keep them at a more manageable length. These gnawing habits can cause considerable damage.

Rats defecate indiscriminately within their territories, but mostly where they feed. This means they consistently eat and contaminate stored food, which is of considerable health importance as they also transmit a number of diseases including the plague and murine typhus.

The key to any rat control program is pest identification, sanitation, harborage elimination, and rat proofing the building. Similar to mice, it is important to take care of your rat problem early because they reproduce fast and can quickly become a major infestation.

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