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The tick population is on the rise throughout the United States. A greater tick presence is a concern because even though they may be small, ticks bring with them a variety of diseases including Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Ehrlichiosis. In addition to these, they also carry Lyme disease – one of the most severe tick-born illnesses. Lyme disease transmits easily to humans and dogs through an infected deer tick, and if it is left untreated it can affect your central nervous system and heart. So, if you suspect you may have a tick problem (or you have seen ticks around your yard or on your pets), it’s important to look into tick control now before things get worse.   

How to Get Tick Control for Your Yard 

Ticks latch onto the fur, clothing, or skin of their hosts and feed off their blood. So, any warm-blooded creatures entering your yard (stray dogs, mice, deer, etc.) can bring ticks in with them. Ticks are typically found outdoors in grassy or wooded areas that are close to their hosts. Some preventative measures you can take to help prevent a tick colony infestation from developing in your yard include removing leaf litter, clearing brush and tall grass from around your property, and mowing your lawn frequently. You can also create a gravel or wood chip barrier around your patio or wooded and grass areas to discourage tick migration (they do not like to walk across those surfaces). Finally, do all you can to keep unwanted animals and rodents out of your yard (construct fences, remove trash, etc.). But even with taking all these preventative measures, your yard can still get infested with ticks, and you may need to enlist the help of professional pest control

ProfExt Yard Protection Program 

ProfExt’s yard protection program can help you gain back control of your yard and keep out bothersome ticks and mosquitos. We have over 30 years of experience in pest control, and we take pride in helping our clients solve their problems in safe and effective ways. For more information about our yard protection program or to sign up, contact us today.   

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