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Raccoons are beautiful animals that are very common in Connecticut.

Many people don’t know they have raccoons living in the area unless they see signs left behind such as paw prints or torn up garbage bags. This is because raccoons are nocturnal and are rarely seen roaming during daylight hours. One common misconception is that any raccoons seen roaming during the day are rabid. This could be true, but there are other factors that could cause these gorgeous creatures to be active during the day, such as overpopulation. When raccoon populations get extremely high in any given area, some animals may be forced to forage during the day because there is simply too much competition and not enough food to go around.

As beautiful as these animals may be, they can become serious problems when they decide to use your home as shelter. When a mother raccoon tears her way through your attic vent for shelter to have a litter of kits, a real mess is what ensues. Your attic becomes a raccoon home that they also use as a toilet. Insulation is destroyed and urine soaks into your ceilings causing wet marks and an incredibly terrible stench.

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