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Why You Should Call a Professional Exterminator for Your Commercial Mouse Control Needs

Mice are more than just a nuisance – they can damage property, chew through electrical wiring, and even spread diseases. And the longer you wait or ignore a potential problem, the harder it can be to fix. If you suspect that you might have a mouse problem or have even seen them scurrying around your building, ProfExt is here to help. We are industry leaders in commercial mouse extermination and can solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Below, we’re discussing why it’s essential to invest in commercial pest control and how the extermination process works.

The Negative Effects of a Mouse Infestation

A mouse infestation can harm everything from your health to your business’ reputation. Therefore, it’s important to contact a professional mouse exterminator if you notice any signs of mice in your building. Below are a few reasons why you should call ProfExt to help you protect your business from rodents.

  • Mice Are a Threat to Your Health – Once mice enter your property, they are regularly defecating and urinating – and thus contaminating every surface they touch. Even a single mouse in your building can carry harmful diseases like salmonella and hantavirus. They can also bring in allergens, ticks, and fleas, which can initiate a host of other health concerns, including asthma and Lyme disease.
  • Mice Cause Destruction to Your Property – Mice can chew through almost anything and cause substantial damage to your structures. And if they gnaw on cables and wires, you could be at risk for dangerous electrical fires. Additionally, they can ruin your office furniture and build nests within your insulation, both of which could require costly repairs and replacements.
  • Mice Can Hurt Your Reputation – The last thing you want is for a client to see a mouse scampering across your floor. Just one negative review mentioning an incident like this could send your sales plummeting. Plus, your employees probably don’t want to share their workspace with rodents either.

Not only can ProfExt help you get rid of existing mice, but we can also mouse-proof your property to prevent these rodents from causing structural damage, spreading diseases, and harming your reputation.

How the Extermination Process Works

When you call ProfExt, we’ll send an expert technician to your location to assess your building. During this evaluation, we’ll identify and seal up any possible rodent access points (such as small holes or gaps). If we do find mice on your property, we’ll utilize a variety of techniques to effectively eradicate the problem.

If you’re searching for “mouse control near me,” ProfExt can help! With over 30 years of experience delivering customized pest control services to businesses across Connecticut, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to remedy a variety of rodent problems.

For more information about our services, contact us today!

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